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Sleep in Peace

April 14, 2024
The psalmist reminds himself that, in order to enjoy the blessings of a relationship with God, he must seek after God through righteous practices. How do we seek a better…

Doubt and Fear

April 7, 2024
Thomas is unfairly labeled "Doubting," even though the rest of the disciples were equally afraid of their identification with Jesus in the aftermath of his crucifixion. Fear, not doubt, is…

Don’t Let Go

March 31, 2024
Mary was shocked to find Jesus' tomb empty, despite following Jesus for some time, and listening to his teachings. It's incredible how we can experience the fulfillment of all God's…

The Promise of a Showdown

March 24, 2024
Two processions enter Jerusalem ahead of the Passover festival. One is a show of strength, the other of humility. We encounter these opposing ideas in ourselves too, leading us to…
The prophet Jeremiah conveys God's new covenant to sustain Israel through the transformative power of God's word. How do we keep up our end of the bargain?

The Promise of Life

March 10, 2024
Paul vividly describes human nature apart from God as leading to death. Only Christ redeems us out of death and into life.

The Potter’s Hand

March 3, 2024
ZBC High School Seniors

The Promise of the Truth

February 25, 2024
Jesus shows how the cross would be the culmination of his ministry, not an afterthought or consequence thereof. The cross was always in the plan. How do we find comfort…

The Promise of Memory

February 18, 2024
God sets the rainbow in the skies as a reminder of his covenant with Noah and his family to show up through acts of mercy and grace.

The Intermission

February 11, 2024
The Transfiguration of Jesus was a transformative event, not only for Jesus, but for the few disciples who witnessed it. When it was over, there was only Jesus, as if…
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