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The Promise of Life

March 10, 2024
Paul vividly describes human nature apart from God as leading to death. Only Christ redeems us out of death and into life.

The Potter’s Hand

March 3, 2024
ZBC High School Seniors

The Promise of the Truth

February 25, 2024
Jesus shows how the cross would be the culmination of his ministry, not an afterthought or consequence thereof. The cross was always in the plan. How do we find comfort…

The Promise of Memory

February 18, 2024
God sets the rainbow in the skies as a reminder of his covenant with Noah and his family to show up through acts of mercy and grace.

The Intermission

February 11, 2024
The Transfiguration of Jesus was a transformative event, not only for Jesus, but for the few disciples who witnessed it. When it was over, there was only Jesus, as if…

Have You Heard?

February 4, 2024
Isaiah shares a hymn celebrating God's eternal presence and endurance to a people in exile, words the people needed to hear as they longed for good news.

Pass the Meat

January 28, 2024
Paul encourages the Corinthians not to worry about what they eat, or the purpose of the food itself, but rather focus on the people to whom they are "feeding" the…

I Am Making a Difference

January 21, 2024
When we are following the leadership of God, then we can begin to see the often subtle new opportunities that God presents each day to lead us to people, places,…

Under the Fig Tree

January 14, 2024
Location, location, location! What does our location have to do with how we respond to the Good News?

The Gift of Good News

January 7, 2024
Good news is welcome, whether you are the one delivering it, or the one receiving it. The magi traveled far to share the good news they discerned from the heavens,…
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